Mattress manufacturing
All Ascona mattresses are manufactured on a unique automated conveyor line. Component materials are purchased from leading domestic and foreign manufacturers. Ascona is the holder of many patents for spring blocks and materials, as well as licenses for the production of leading world brands. Our factory is the most powerful in Eastern Europe.
Spring of success
A unique block of independent springs called "hourglass"

Since the year 2000 our company launched its own production of the spring blocks. Since 2004 spring blocks have been manufactured  under the auspices of the well-known American concern Leggett & Platt, which is present in the markets of 78 countries. Spring production has received powerful development thanks to the modern foreign automatic equipment, high-class specialists and a special system of work organization.

In two years the capacity of the enterprise has increased three times, the production area has expanded. Specialists of our company have wide access to the best world technologies in this industry. Our designers, technologists, key production personnel, logistics and marketing specialists have been trained in the leading mattress manufacturing companies in Europe and the USA. One of the most important achievements is the acquisition of an exclusive license for the production of a unique spring block Hourglass, developed by the experts from Leggett & Platt.

In the shortest possible time the spring factory has turned into a large multinational company with technologies, that are in many ways unique for domestic enterprises. In 2006 spring production was again incorporated into “Ascona” and continues to develop nowadays. At the same time 20-25% of spring blocks today are bought from third-party organizations. The release of spring blocks "in a twist" is adjusted, which allows to optimize products transportation and storage.

Spring block is the basis of the mattress. Our technologists are constantly working on the development of the new modifications that can improve your sleep. This year, thanks to the modernization of production, it was possible to develop and manufacture new models of spring blocks, for example, original blocks for the Mediflex mattresses (including a mini-tunnel and a minipocket), as well as the pillow spring blocks.

Today, no company in Russia produces as many types of spring blocks as "Ascona" - any width, height and configuration of wire with a diameter of 0.8 to 2.4 mm. Any orders are accepted including limited orders, as well as orders on non-standard spring blocks. Today Ascona is the market leader in the spring block production.

New technologies to make a better mattress

The collections of mattresses, beds and accessories are constantly updated. The basis of the new collections of mattresses are the most modern scientific developments, on which Ascona specialists are foundning their work. The goal of our research is to make your sleep healthy and comfortable. All materials used by Ascona in their mattresses and sleep accessories are absolutely safe and comply with the highest standards, including fire safety. In mattresses and sleep accessories, Ascona uses time-tested materials, such as coconut slabs or sisal, as well as newer ones, such as viscolatex and gel. "Deep stitching" technology allows to make the mattress more comfortable. The Ascona factory is the largest production in Eastern Europe, with a total area of ​​more than 40,000 m².

Daily we produce


Beds and grounds⁠


This year Ascona has mastered the release of spring mattresses in a twist, which makes the transportation much easier. The necessary technology for that type of pruduction, which is gluing together felt and coconut, except for us, in Eastern Europe does not possess any enterprise.

Most of the equipment, which Ascona is using in its production, is unique and has no analogues on the market. For example - an integrated 3-conveyor production system, an automatic production management system, planning and accounting of raw materials and finished products. Specialists Ascona have developed a new, non-standard sequence of the assembly of the mattress, which has significantly reduced the cost. The savings are directed to reducing the market price of the mattress.

In production of our mattresses the new automatic glue line is used. The machine applies molten glue granules exactly where it is needed. In addition, the new hot melt glue is odorless and completely harmless. New technology has improved the quality of products, as well as up-graded the work  culture.

Mattress manufacturing steps
QC wire
Before proceeding to the manufacture of spring mattresses, all wire received in production must pass a quality control. On a special machine, it is checked for twisting and breaking at maximum load. This allows us to exclude further possible defects and the destruction of the springs in the already finished mattress.
Spring production
The wire from the reel is fed into the machine, where the spring is produced according to predetermined parameters (height, number of turns, compression ratio, shape). Next, the spring is placed in a cover of non-woven material.
Spring block production
Spring belts connection of a preassigned size is made on the assembly machine.
Top Coating Production
Stitching equipment is supplied with the materials necessary for the manufacture of the top coating. Dimensions are set and the required pattern is selected. The design of the pattern depends on the mattress collection.
Binding of the edges
At overcasting equipment, cuttings of the top coating are processed, which prevents the fabric from sloughing. This is an indisputable advantage in the production of mattresses, allowing to increase the warranty period and their quality.
Cutting the materials for a mattress
The cutting of any rolled materials, that are used in the manufacture of mattresses. is made on automatic equipment. This machine allows us to perform this operation not only with higher speed - in 5.7 seconds instead of the usual 14 seconds, as in manual production, but also with higher accuracy.
Complete set of materials for the mattress
t this stage, the mattress is completed, that is all the necessary materials of the required size are collected for the manufacture of a specific model.
Mattress manufacture
At this stage the product is assembled. All materials are stacked in a specific order and get interconnected. Quality control officers check the correctness of selected materials for each mattress, which allows to avoid mistakes in the production of the mattress.
Mattress Top Connection
Next, the mattress passes the bordering stage, where the top mattress covering is connected to the rest of the mattress.
Packaging and transportation of the mattress
Before packaging the mattress is checked for compliance with the technical description. On the machine the mattress is packed in a dense film layer. This eliminates accidental contamination or damage during transportation of the product. The packed mattress is moved to the warehouse, from where the logistics service picks it up for delivery to the customer
Production workshop of Ascona factory⁠

The specialists of Ascona have developed an improved sequence of assembling a mattress, which has significantly reduced the cost of the final product. Saved funds are used to reduce the market price. And the equipment with which is used in the production process is unique and has no analogues in Eastern Europe.

For 25 years we have been investing in innovation and technology development, studying new materials, introducing advanced technologies and finding original design solutions for creating comfortable mattresses for a good sleep.

Quality control

Ascona mattresses are mattresses of consistently high quality. All materials and components of mattresses meet the highest requirements for the orthopedic products. Each new model or series that is being prepared for released at the mattress factory undergoes multiple tests. To maintain a high stable quality of products in the production of Ascona mattresses, a multistage quality control of raw materials and products has been organized, thanks to its own laboratory of the quality control of manufactured products.

Materials for the manufacture of mattresses

In the production of Ascona mattresses only modern and high-quality environmentally friendly materials from leading world manufacturers are used, which meet all international  safety quality standards.

Hour Glass Spring
In this spring several levels of firmness are incorporated at once, which will give a universal comfort while sleeping for almost any person. Any other spring is either hard or soft. And only Hour Glass is able to give a variety of sensations.
Natural latex
Latex is usually used in premium mattresses with high orthopedic effect. Latex filler mattress ideally follows the contours of the body and provides perfect comfort.
Independent spring block
Five or seven-zoned blocks of independent springs have an exceptional orthopedic and anatomical effect.
Memory Foam
Provides a uniform distribution of the load, which eliminates blood circulation disorders and also gives the mattress with filler of such material a unique orthopedic properties.
Coconut fiber
The high content of lignin allows the coconut fiber to be very elastic and resilient and does not succumb to rotting. Excellent performance coupled with a very long service life made this material one of the best fillers for mattresses.
Natural fiber from the fresh leaves of a unique plant Agave. Resistant to moisture, hygienic and not affected by heavy loads.

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